Company Objectives:

Tanmia is planning to capitalize on its management and personnel large expertise on the business environment in Egypt and by bringing together a highly experienced team and a deep commitment to customer care services. Tanmia is planning to go internationally as the need and the opportunity may arise.

Tanmia is aiming at delivering the Oil & Gas sector in Egypt including the private, International, Joint Ventures and the Governmental companies superior field development support and act as an operational arm to the Government of Egypt (namely Ministry of Petroleum) to operate the old fields (producing and/or Brown). The Company aims at creating high quality, innovative and safe solutions by applying advanced technologies, strict quality management, top of the range equipment and services and superior technical capabilities. Tanmia, being fully owned by the government of Egypt, has a well established relationship with the key decision makers in Egypt with affiliations, alliances and win/win cooperation agreements with major equipment suppliers and service providers.