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Drilling, Completion and work over & Engineering

  • DRLG& W.O Rigs supply and Operation
  • DRLG Pulling Unit supply
  • DRLG, completion & workover Project Management, Programs and final reports
  • preparation
  • DRLG tools & Hole enlargement equipment.
  • DRLG Bits supply
  • Mud Logging
  • Chemical Supply (DRLG Fluid)
  • Direction DRLG, MWD, LWD
  • Perforation Gun (T.P.C gun)
  • CSG & TBG Running Service and Inspection
  • CSG Hard Ware & Accessories supply
  • Site Survey & ROV
  • Fishing Service
  • Completion equipment & services.
  • Liner Hanger supply
  • Cement class (G) Supply (New Service)
  • Coil Tubing & coil tubing acidizing
  • Well bore cleaning services
  • Cased hole wire line services
  • Drilling system modeling & solution engineering
  • Tug & Boat supply (New Service)
  • Barge Supply (New Service)
  • Real-Time Data Transmission (New Service)
  • Inspection for all drilling and production equipment.
  • Oil & Gas Facilities Commissioning & Operation
  • Rental of Drilling Equipment.

(Drilling, Completion and work over & Engineering Projects)...

Company Name  Type Of Service
Dana Gas Rental drilling Tools
Al-wastani Rental drilling Tools
Zeitco Rental drilling Tools
Zeitco Casing Cold Cutting & High Torque Wrench services
Zeitco Coil Tubing and Nitrogen Services
PetroDara Triplex Pump
Petrosannan Caravans
PetroDara Caravans
Petrosannan Civil work
Zeitco Civil work
El-Nile Petroleum company Civil work
West Bakr Petroleum company Civil work
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