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Investors Relations

  1. Brown Fields Development: Tanmia is studying many Brown Fields in Egypt with some of the Egyptian companies.
  2. Early Production Facility Services Providing: Tanmia, being a well recognized EPF service provider where most of its fleet are via its allies; would like to acquire several Units / facilities (on stages) to start building its fleet. The service demand is very high in Egypt (currently, nearly 80 units operating in Egypt).
  3. Drilling & Work-over Rigs fleet:
    • Tanmia, currently, owns a 1500 HP rig that is run by one of the good Drilling contractors in Egypt on a Revenue-Sharing concept. The demand is quiet clearly increasing in Egypt and the financial study reveals the attractiveness of increasing the fleet by four more rigs (2000, 1500, 750 and 650 HP rigs or a mix of same). The current plan is to add as many rigs and put them on a Revenue-sharing agreements to generate cash and build reputation, resources,…etc. At a later stage, potentially opens a Rig Operation branch or subsidiary.
    • Tanmia, currently has an agreement with trust petroleum services to manage and market their work-over rigs and now we succeeded to market 550 HP work-over rig for Khalda petroleum company and another one for Agipa petroleum company. Also 350HP Pulling unit for west bakr petroleum Company.
  4. Serivce Test Equipment services:
      Tanmia, currently buy three TMU Units, with the latest high tech. in this field of service, which will not only add on value to tanmia but also will improve the equibment quality the egyption market.
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