Chairman's Message

Dear Colleagues

Tanmia Means Development; Let us put our hands together to make “Tanmia” a reality.
In my Opinion, the decision of establishing Tanmia Petroleum Company back in 2008 was one the best decisions that has ever been made at that particular time. We all know that; most of the development agreements for the Producing concessions in Egypt were expected to expire during the period from 2010 and 2025. More than 25% of Egypt’s oil and Gas producing fields are of low risk and cost to operate and could be awarded to Tanmia as a national Company, fully owned by the government of Egypt. Thinking of a company (Tanmia) that could inherit these concessions upon their expiry was a great vision. Now; it is our objective to walk the talk and start to direct Tanmia to be the operating arm of EGPC, EGAS and Ganope to operate (on their behalf) the old concessions. This would increase the revenue of the government of Egypt and/or provide a strong negotiation position with the international investors by creating an alternative competent operating arm that can take responsibility to keep the production level or even to increase it.
All companies have a culture, some companies have discipline, but few companies have a culture of discipline. Let us do all we can to be one of those great companies. Let us be pioneers on what we do. Let us make the final gear-shift and build our core values beyond just making money.
Let us help our beloved country “Egypt” and be one of its successful arms of boosting its economy. Let us put our hands together to make “Tanmia” a reality.

Mostafa Amer

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