Early production facilities and other related ( EPF )

Early Production Facilities (EPF) and fast-track Production Systems enable Tanmia’s customers to create early cash flow with minimum cash outlay. They also provide real-time production data that enables our customers to appraise reservoir performance before installing permanent facilities.

Our solutions provide our customers with the ability to bring new developments on stream quickly, ahead of permanent facilities being installed, thus offering compelling financial and operational benefits. In addition, our EPF solutions can be used for small reserves that would otherwise not meet acceptable risk criteria or would be uneconomic to produce with a permanent facility, thereby the EPF in effect becomes the permanent ‘life of field’ solution.

Other benefits include:

  • through the experience of Tanmia combined team, we have an established track record for delivery of EPF projects in timescales that are unrivalled
  • our engineering excellence and operational reliability optimises operator
    productivity, sustaining us as a provider of choice
  • our EPF solutions are built around modular, prefabricated equipment with
    reconfiguration flexibility for production optimisation
  • they are operated by experienced personnel, with state-of-the-art control and safety systems, including real-time monitoring and data acquisition services 

EPF Services offered :

  • Early Production Facilities (supply different Packages to different companies)
  • Provision of site preparation.
  • Civil Work
  • Provision of Flow Lines Construction
  • Provision of accommodation and subsistence service
  • Provision of power engineering
  • Heavy lift equipment and land transportation
  • Rental of heavy equipment services

(EPF Projects)...

  • Petrosannan
  • Gupco
  • Kuwait Energy
  • Khalda
  • Quran
  • Petroamir
  • Marina
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